Emergency Dentist for Childrens & Adults in Visakhapatanam

Tooth has been knocked out

If your tooth has been knocked cleanly out of the socket there are few actions you can take to help preserve the tooth, which will make it easier for the dentist to put it back into place. First, rinse the tooth gently, but do not brush or take out any attached tissue. If you can, return the tooth to the socket. If this doesn't work place the tooth in milk or keep it in your cheek. Once you have taken these precautions, immediately visit your nearest emergency dentist in Visakhapatnam for treatment.


If you are suffering from severe tooth pain it is advisable not to place any painkillers on the gums, as they can burn the gum tissue. However, you can take Ibuprofen to ease the pain, just make certain that it does not touch the gums. After you have eased the pain rinse your mouth with warm water and gently floss to remove any damaging food particles. To clean your gums further use mouthwash to prevent the spread of bacteria. If your tooth pain troubles continue then book an appointment with the dentist right away, as tooth decay or gum disease may be the primary cause.

Emergency Dentist in Visakhapatnam

Broken tooth

If your tooth has broken or fractured, rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to reduce the swelling. It is always advisable to visit your emergency dentist Visakhapatnam immediately if you have a broken tooth.

Broken jaw

If you feel that your jaw is broken it is advisable to visit the emergency dentist Visakhapatnam or emergency room immediately. A cold compress should be applied to reduce facial swelling.

Tongue or lip have been bitten

If you have bitten down hard on your tongue or lip and you are now bleeding, gently wipe the damaged spot with a clean cloth. Applying a cold compress will minimise swelling, but if the bleeding doesn't stop seek the attention of the dentist or your local hospital.