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What is Laser Dentistry?

Iris International Dental Care, we are committed to providing treatments that preserve as much of your natural tooth and gum tissue as possible. With the help of laser dentistry, this aim is made easier than ever. Laser dentistry makes use of an instrument with the technology to emit a concentrated, intense narrow beam of light energy. When we direct this beam at the chosen area, there is a reaction which allows us to shape or remove minute areas of tissue with surgical precision. It is useful during a number of treatment processes such as; fillings, gum disease treatment, treating infection in root canals, whitening procedures and cosmetic gum shaping. With the use of Laser Dentistry, we are able to offer an alternative to anaesthesia in some procedures. All our dentists offer a gentle caring approach so you can be rest assured of a pleasant dental visit.

What are the advantages?

We have already mentioned that the use of sophisticated lasers in dentistry helps us to preserve your natural oral tissues. However, there are a whole host of other benefits to dental laser treatment listed below: Better results with Gum treatment and keep teeth for longer Better results with root canal treatment and keep teeth for longer They can lead to better quality results with crowns, bridges and dental implants by virtue of its precision. The use of lasers can speed up the healing process during processes such as root canals, contouring or extraction. Lasers can help to reduce the amount of bacteria present in tooth cavities and diseased gum tissue. During surgery a laser can be used to control bleeding which helps dentists to deliver their finest standards of work. Nervous patients may no longer need the use of anaesthesia in some procedures. We can improve the fit of dentures for some patients using the laser with a procedure called Vestibularplasty. This is also much more comfortable with a laser We can help reduce Jaw ache Advanced Laser Whitening can be carried out with our laser