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White Fillings in Visakhapatnam

What can white fillings be used for?

White fillings are used for numerous things, including closing up dental cavities and filling in cracks and chips. Sealing off dental cavities before they develop into holes and dental decay can halt dental disease and tooth loss. However, fillings can also be used for more aesthetic reasons, including the filling of dental cracks and chips to restore the appearance of the tooth.

How long can they last?

Fillings can last anywhere between 5-10 years, with proper oral hygiene and the correct diet greatly expanding their life. However, fillings are very simple to replace and a new filling can be added once your old one becomes worn.

What are white fillings made of and what does treatment involve?

White fillings are composed of dental composite resins which blend in with the colour of your natural teeth. During the procedure the tooth in need of treatment will be thoroughly cleaned before the composite filling is fitted into place. Filling treatments usually require a general anaesthetic before any work can begin to numb the area.